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Indian army to raise nearly one lakh troops for China border

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Indian army to raise nearly one lakh troops for China border Empty Indian army to raise nearly one lakh troops for China border

Post by ashdoc Wed Nov 02, 2011 4:30 am

China of course , is miles ahead of India . It is building roads railways and other infrastructure at an amazing rate in Tibet--right upto the Indian border . This will allow them to deploy troops faster than ever to attack whenever they choose .

On our side , roads are being built at a tardy pace and we can hardly match the Chinese in scale .

But belatedly the army has woken up , and some 36,000 troops were added in the form of mountain divisions last year . Now 90,000 more troops will be raised to compensate for the fact that India has low infrastructure in the form of roads to transport troops . These troops will already be there near the border in various parts like Ladakh , Uttaranchal and Arunachal so that there is no need to transport any troops if any situation arises--like the Chinese can , but India cant--due to lack of roads to transport them . They will be already there to deal with the contingency .

This is of course an effective but costly strategy . While the Chinese will keep their troops far from the border in a central area from where they can be transported at will to the himalayan border by their excellent roads and railways , India will have spend top dollar to keep our troops in the unforgivable terrain of the Himalayas constantly in a state of readiness . But given the fact that our roads are too bad to transport troops from a central area to the himalayan border quickly like the Chinese can , we have no choice but to keep them ready in large numbers on the border all the time....


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