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mixed signals

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mixed signals Empty mixed signals

Post by Guest Fri Apr 14, 2017 11:37 am

so like yesterday was one of those days when i binged all day. I began working around 8-8:30 am... and worked almost non stop until 9:00 pm. Taking 1 or 2 breaks in between. (break meaning - 10-15 minute youtube videos. NO exercise whatsoever). I ate breakfast (pohe), then snacked through lunch and evening. Snacking meaning, crazy snacking. Junk. God knows how many bars of rice krispies, dates, pumpkin seeds, desi murukku, chips and salsa, you name it. Then i had the audacity to eat dinner (chicken tikka masala), AND icecream (strawberry something from cold stone)... went to bed feeling downright uneasy.

So that brings us to today. I vowed i won't eat until absolutely hungry today. I have kept to it so far. Had milk tea in the morn, and black tea at work. Water otherwise. Body is giving me such confusing signals. 1 signal is of painful hunger. While at the same time, i feel awfully full. Resulting in a bit of nauseating hunger. you know what i mean? I feel like walking to a nearby fast food and get something there, but at the same time I KNOW i don't have room in me for it.

Body is also confused. It's like - yesterday we partied? why you on strike today? Body not happy. So it's sending fierce hunger signals. Body in denial. It wants to party knowing well it can't afford it. Body stupid.

kya karu...


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