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Amazing NFL divisional and conference finals (2022)

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Amazing NFL divisional and conference finals (2022) Empty Amazing NFL divisional and conference finals (2022)

Post by Seva Lamberdar Mon Jan 31, 2022 3:20 pm

This year's divisional and conference (AFC & NFC) finals in NFL (national football league) were collectively the most exciting, with underdogs and visiting teams winning 50% of the time or more, and each game decided near the end of regular time or in overtime and merely by a single score (touch down or field goal):

Divisional finals (Jan. 22, 23):
(#4) Cincinnati Bengals 19-16 over (#1) Tennessee Titans; (AFC)
(#6) San Francisco 49ers 13-10 over (#1) Green Bay Packers; (NFC)
(#4) Los Angeles Rams 30-27 over (#2) Tampa Bay Buccaneers; (NFC)
(#2) Kansas City Chiefs 42-36 over (#3) Buffalo Bills. (AFC)

Conference finals / championships (Jan. 30):
(#4) Cincinnati Bengals 27-24 (OT) over (#2) Kansas City Chiefs; (AFC)
(#4) Los Angeles Rams 20-17 over (#6) San Francisco 49ers; (NFC).

Let's hope the Super Bowl game at Los Angeles on Feb. 13 between AFC champions Cincinnati Bengals and NFC champions Los Angeles Rams is equally exciting!
Seva Lamberdar
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