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Governor Arif Mohammad Khan on hijab row, according to NDTV

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Governor Arif Mohammad Khan on hijab row, according to NDTV Empty Governor Arif Mohammad Khan on hijab row, according to NDTV

Post by Seva Lamberdar Wed Feb 16, 2022 1:28 pm

New Delhi (NDTV: Feb. 16, 2022): Kerala Governor Arif Mohammad Khan today said the ongoing row over hijab is "not a controversy but a conspiracy" to push back Muslim women. "There is no conflict between religion and education," he said, adding that in Islam, "The purpose of the religion is to make men acquire knowledge". The Governor also added that the argument that hijab is an essential practice in Islam and therefore requires the protection of the Constitution's Article 25.

Quoting the Supreme Court, Mr Khan, who is originally from Uttar Pradesh, said it has laid down that any aspect on which one claims the protection of the Constitution's Article 25, has to be "essential, intrinsic and integral to the practice of faith".

The hijab row started in Karnataka's Udupi last month as some students protested against a bar on it. It drew retaliation from other students who insisted on coming in saffron scarves. The confrontation spread rapidly through the state. Protests were held and Muslim girls heckled, forcing the state to close schools and colleges temporarily and drawing calls for peace from the court.

The matter is currently being heard in the Karnataka High Court where some students have challenged the bar on headscarves, citing the constitutional right to freedom of religion.

The religious books in Islam describes in detail what is essential, Mr Khan said, pointing out that there only "five essential features which are called Arkan e Islam". This are -- the affirmation of faith through kalima, prayer at regular intervals, fasting during Ramzan, charity and for those who can afford it, haj. There can be "no addition or deletion" in these, he said.

"When you apply the essential tests, then this argument that this (hijab) is part of religious freedom -- no. The Supreme Court has said that only the essential features which are integral to the practice of faith -- only they will receive the protection of Article 25. Hijab is definitely not one of them," Mr Khan added.

Asked about the current bar on hijab at educational institutions is affecting the studies of girls and young women, he said it is a fallout of "total ignorance".

Pointing out that the first word in Quran is "Read", he said man is not only exhorted to read the name of God. Quoting relevant passages, he said man has been asked to contemplate about animals, stars and space, and has been asked to go to China if need be in search of knowledge. "More than 700 words in Quran that mean knowledge, think about, meditate," he said, adding the religion is about the search of knowledge.

As for the controversy around headscarves in Karnataka that has been continuing for more than a month, it is a "sinister design" to push back Muslim women, especially the young girls.

After the ban on triple talaq – the practice of instant divorce by uttering talaq thrice – Muslim women, he said, are feeling liberated. "They are having a sense of freedom. They are pursuing education. They are joining great career. This is a conspiracy," he added.
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